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    External forces can make cells undergo large, irreversible deformations. It emerges that stretched mammalian cells grown in vitro can enter a state called superelasticity, in which large, reversible deformations occur.

    News 09 November Open letter encourages voters to support the phase out of nuclear power plants in an upcoming referendum.

    Current and former employees say investigation at the Wellcome Sanger Institute was flawed; the genomics powerhouse stands by the findings.

    Columbia University Medical Center. Skip to main content. Borneo cave art reveals oldest figurative painting Researchers have dated the cave paintings to as early as 40, years ago.

    News Feature 07 November How biologists are creating life-like cells from scratch Built from the bottom up, synthetic cells and other creations are starting to come together and could soon test the boundaries of life.

    Nature Briefing 08 November Daily briefing: The pitfalls of peer review — and how to avoid them Top tips for getting through the peer-review process, the oldest animal painting in the world and how to build a cell from scratch.

    Latest Research Letter 07 November Palaeolithic cave art in Borneo Uranium-series dating of rock art from Borneo reveals a minimum date for figurative artwork of 40, years ago, and a distinct style of parietal art in Southeast Asia at the Last Glacial Maximum.

    Letter 07 November Cryo-EM structures of a human ABCG2 mutant trapped in ATP-bound and substrate-bound states Cryo-electron microscopy structures of the ABCG2 protein in ATP- and substrate-bound states reveal the location of substrate binding, conformational changes required for substrate translocation and how inhibitors might be distinguished from substrates.

    Letter 07 November Superfluorescence from lead halide perovskite quantum dot superlattices Cooperative quantum effects in superlattices of quantum dots made of caesium lead halide perovskite give rise to superfluorescence, with the individual emitters interacting coherently to give intense bursts of light.

    Letter 07 November A population of luminous accreting black holes with hidden mergers High-resolution infrared observations of hard-X-ray-selected black holes show an excess of late-stage mergers in obscured luminous black holes compared with inactive galaxies of similar stellar masses and star formation rates.

    Letter 07 November Universal dynamics in an isolated one-dimensional Bose gas far from equilibrium The momentum distribution of atoms in a one-dimensional Bose gas far from equilibrium exhibits universal scaling in space and time, independent of the initial conditions of the system.

    Letter 07 November Universal prethermal dynamics of Bose gases quenched to unitarity Degenerate and thermal Bose gases, quenched so that the interparticle interactions are as strong as allowed by quantum mechanics, exhibit dynamics that can be expressed in terms of universal functions.

    News 09 November US judge blocks construction of controversial Keystone XL pipeline Court finds that the government ignored the project's potential effects on climate change.

    News 08 November Sanger whistle-blowers dispute findings that cleared management of bullying Current and former employees say investigation at the Wellcome Sanger Institute was flawed; the genomics powerhouse stands by the findings.

    Nature Outline Iris Abols. But researchers have found fresh angles of attack, and a host of upcoming treatments raise the prospect of a durable victory against this common form of inflammatory bowel disease.

    Palaeolithic cave art in Borneo. Wellcome and Gates join bold European open-access plan. View all jobs on nature jobs.

    View all events on nature events. Newsletter Get the most important science stories of the day, free in your inbox. Sign up for Nature Briefing.

    All Subjects All Subjects. There are many fields of research in which important new advances and original research are published as either articles or letters in Nature.

    The papers that have been published in this journal are internationally acclaimed for maintaining high research standards. The enormous progress in science and mathematics during the 19th century was recorded in journals written mostly in German or French, as well as in English.

    Britain underwent enormous technological and industrial changes and advances particularly in the latter half of the 19th century.

    In addition, during this period, the number of popular science periodicals doubled from the s to the s. Nature , first created in , was not the first magazine of its kind in Britain.

    One journal to precede Nature was Recreative Science: A Record and Remembrancer of Intellectual Observation , which, created in , began as a natural history magazine and progressed to include more physical observational science and technical subjects and less natural history.

    These similar journals all ultimately failed. The Popular Science Review survived longest, lasting 20 years and ending its publication in ; Recreative Science ceased publication as the Student and Intellectual Observer in The Quarterly Journal , after undergoing a number of editorial changes, ceased publication in The Reader terminated in , and finally, Scientific Opinion lasted a mere 2 years, until June Not long after the conclusion of The Reader , a former editor, Norman Lockyer , decided to create a new scientific journal titled Nature , [13] taking its name from a line by William Wordsworth: John Maddox , editor of Nature from to as well as from to , suggested at a celebratory dinner for the journal's centennial edition that perhaps it was the journalistic qualities of Nature that drew readers in; "journalism" Maddox states, "is a way of creating a sense of community among people who would otherwise be isolated from each other.

    This is what Lockyer's journal did from the start. Norman Lockyer , the founder of Nature , was a professor at Imperial College. He was succeeded as editor in by Sir Richard Gregory.

    His obituary by the Royal Society stated: Brimble who in became the sole editor , then to John Maddox in , and finally to David Davies in Philip Campbell has since become Editor-in-chief of all Nature publications.

    In , Maddox was no longer editor, and the journals were merged into Nature. Starting in the s, the journal underwent a great deal of expansion, launching over ten new journals.

    Others require the purchase of premium access to the site. Nature claims an online readership of about 3 million unique readers per month.

    On 30 October , Nature endorsed an American presidential candidate for the first time when it supported Barack Obama during his campaign in America's presidential election.

    As of the time it was released, it had about 10, subscribers. On 2 December , Nature announced that it would allow its subscribers and a group of selected media outlets to share links allowing free, "read-only" access to content from its journals.

    These articles are presented using the digital rights management system ReadCube which is funded by the Macmillan subsidiary Digital Science , and does not allow readers to download, copy, print, or otherwise distribute the content.

    While it does, to an extent, provide free online access to articles, it is not a true open access scheme due to its restrictions on re-use and distribution.

    Being published in Nature or any Nature publication such as Nature Chemistry or Nature Chemical Biology is very prestigious, and the papers are often highly cited, which can lead to promotions, grant funding, and attention from the mainstream media.

    Because of these positive feedback effects, competition among scientists to publish in high-level journals like Nature and its closest competitor, Science , can be very fierce.

    Nature ' s impact factor , a measure of how many citations a journal generates in other works, was As with most other professional scientific journals, papers undergo an initial screening by the editor, followed by peer review in which other scientists, chosen by the editor for expertise with the subject matter but who have no connection to the research under review, will read and critique articles , before publication.

    In the case of Nature , they are only sent for review if it is decided that they deal with a topical subject and are sufficiently ground-breaking in that particular field.

    As a consequence, the majority of submitted papers are rejected without review. According to Nature ' s original mission statement:.

    It is intended, FIRST, to place before the general public the grand results of Scientific Work and Scientific Discovery; and to urge the claims of Science to a more general recognition in Education and in Daily Life; and, SECONDLY, to aid Scientific men themselves, by giving early information of all advances made in any branch of Natural knowledge throughout the world, and by affording them an opportunity of discussing the various Scientific questions which arise from time to time.

    First, to serve scientists through prompt publication of significant advances in any branch of science, and to provide a forum for the reporting and discussion of news and issues concerning science.

    Second, to ensure that the results of science are rapidly disseminated to the public throughout the world, in a fashion that conveys their significance for knowledge, culture and daily life.

    Many of the most significant scientific breakthroughs in modern history have been first published in Nature.

    The following is a selection of scientific breakthroughs published in Nature , all of which had far-reaching consequences, and the citation for the article in which they were published.

    In , Nature published an editorial entitled "Removing Statues of Historical figures risks whitewashing history: Science must acknowledge mistakes as it marks its past".

    The article commented on the placement and maintenance of statues honouring scientists with known unethical, abusive and torturous histories. Specifically, the editorial called on examples of J.

    Marion Sims , the 'Father of gynecology' who experimented on African American female slaves who were unable to give informed consent, and Thomas Parran Jr.

    The article caused a large outcry and was quickly modified by Nature. Nature acknowledged that the article as originally written was "offensive and poorly worded" and published selected letters of response.

    Lee , setting off violence in the streets and killing a young woman. When Nature posted a link to the editorial on Twitter , the thread quickly exploded with criticisms.

    In response, several scientists called for a boycott. When Paul Lauterbur and Peter Mansfield won a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for research initially rejected by Nature and published only after Lauterbur appealed the rejection, Nature acknowledged more of its own missteps in rejecting papers in an editorial titled, "Coping with Peer Rejection":.

    These include the rejection of Cherenkov radiation , Hideki Yukawa 's meson , work on photosynthesis by Johann Deisenhofer , Robert Huber and Hartmut Michel , and the initial rejection but eventual acceptance of Stephen Hawking 's black-hole radiation.

    From to , a series of five fraudulent papers by Jan Hendrik Schön was published in Nature. The papers, about semiconductors , were revealed to contain falsified data and other scientific fraud.

    In , Nature retracted the papers. The Schön scandal was not limited to Nature ; other prominent journals, such as Science and Physical Review , also retracted papers by Schön.

    In June , after nearly a year of guided scrutiny from its editors, Nature published a controversial and seemingly anomalous paper detailing Dr.

    Jacques Benveniste and his team's work studying human basophil degranulation in the presence of extremely dilute antibody serum.

    The paper excited substantial media attention in Paris, chiefly because their research sought funding from homeopathic medicine companies.

    Public inquiry prompted Nature to mandate an extensive, stringent and scientifically questionable experimental replication in Benveniste's lab, through which his team's results were categorically refuted.

    Before publishing one of its most famous discoveries, Watson and Crick 's paper on the structure of DNA , Nature did not send the paper out for peer review.

    John Maddox , Nature ' s editor, stated: No referee working in the field An earlier error occurred when Enrico Fermi submitted his breakthrough paper on the weak interaction theory of beta decay.

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